What is Black Seed Oil Good For?

Health Benefits and Uses

It is mainly a herbal medicine used to cure many diseases. It is also called kalonji or black cumin seed.

The black seed oil has been used in food, medicine, and even cosmetics for thousands of years. Similar to how you would take an aspirin or ibuprofen today, many individuals turn to it in the hopes that it will target and reduce inflammation.

Uses of Black Seed Oil:

• Black seed oil can be applied topically by massaging it into the skin.

• Both liquid and capsule forms of black seed oil are OK for consumption.

• Before consuming the oil, you might want to combine it with honey or lemon juice due to its potent flavor.

• Moreover, its supplements are available online or at specialized health food stores in liquid or capsule form.

• Black seed oil is most frequently used orally by adults in amounts of 1 to 2.5 grams per day for 4 to 12 weeks.

Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil:

Helps with healing wounds:

When it applies with honey to the affected area, it helps to accelerate the wounds.

Good for hair:

A shampoo in which this seed oil is present is good for hair loss and enhances the shine and growth of the hair.

Good for skin:

A lotion or cream in which black seed oil is present when applied on the part where there is acne may reduce with daily use. Dry skin and eczema are also treated with its use.

Rich in antioxidants:

Black seed oil is rich in antioxidants and may offer several health advantages. These include controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels, treating breathing problems, and maintaining brain health.

Helps with weight loss:

It mainly helps ladies to reduce obesity. But the condition is that they should follow a proper diet.

Good for sinusitis:

When people start to take it daily, they might have lessened nasal symptoms like runny nose, sneezing and hence help to cure the sinus. Moreover, sinus patients can also take its steam by putting its few drops in boiling water.

Household activities:

We can use black seed oil in our curry or pickles to enhance its flavor.

How it helps an individual:

It helps to cure various diseases like:

1. Asthma

2. Blood sugar level

3. Blood cholesterol

4. Helps to control inflammation

5. Obesity

6. Heart attacks

7. Constipation

How it’s available widely:

The Nigella sativa plant, which thrives in southern Europe, the Middle East, and southwest Asia, produces seeds that are commonly referred to as “black seeds.” Similarly, it is widely known as the Roman coriander, black caraway, fennel flower and black cumin. These seeds used to make their oil.

Our oil specialties:

We made sure that:

  • The seeds we utilize for oil extraction must have a moisture content of less than 5%.
  • They should be free of other contaminants.
  • GMO-free seeds
  • Additionally, we use glass packaging because pet packaging absorbs heat and degrades product quality.

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