Want to know more about Rose oil?

Rose oil, also known as attar of roses, or essence of rose, is a fragrant, colorless, liquid oil extracted from the fresh petals of Rosa damascena.

Uses of Rose oil:

  • Add 1-2 drops to 1 liter of water, then sip it as long as you need to throughout the day.
  • Moreover, it can be used in our cooking or baking process.
  • Since rose essential oil stimulates feelings of joy and happiness, it is frequently used in aromatherapy.
  •  Numerous other essential oils, like those of clove and jasmine, can be used with it.
  • Apply it directly to the skin or mix a few drops into your shower gel, bathwater, or face cream.

Rose massage oil:

You can feel the following relief by receiving an aromatherapy massage using its oil i.e.

  1. Reduce stress.
  2. Decreased pain in arthritis.
  3. Enhance immune system.
  4. Boost skin and hair.
  5. Control blood pressure level.

 Rose essential oil benefits:

  • Anxiety reliever:

The main symptoms of anxiety include breathing problems and elevated heart rates. These problems can be reduced by applying it.

  • Bacterial resistance:

Due to its antibacterial qualities, it can protect against internal illnesses caused by bacteria. Many infections that affect the urinary or respiratory system can be treated with it.

  • Cures depression:

Dopamine is the main component in treating the symptoms of depression, and rose oil is known to release it. However, research indicates that utilizing it for aromatherapy is preferable to breathing it indirectly.

  • Grows hair more quickly:

It shows the following results for our hair:

  1. It helps new hair grow.
  2. Calms the scalp
  3. Give the scalp and hair nourishment
  4. Make the hair follicles stronger
  5. Remove the germs and dust.

Rose oil for the face:

Since it is beneficial for your skin. Hence :

  • It is frequently utilized for cosmetic purposes.
  • It can help you get smooth skin by fading the scars left behind by injuries, boils or pox.

Rose oil for acne:

It may help to prevent acne by reducing the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples.

Use rose essential oil as a moisturizer by applying its 2-3 drops to your face and refreshing it.

How Rose oil helps an individual:

  • Most people use this oil for treating wounds.
  • It effectively removes and eliminates toxins, which helps to purify the blood.
  • It stimulates blood circulation.
  • Good for uterine muscles.
  • Cure headaches.
  • Beneficial for constipation and diarrhea.

How Rose oil is widely available:

80–90% of the world’s supply of rose oil is produced in Bulgaria and Turkey, the two countries that produce the most of it. Morocco, Iran, and Mexico, France, Italy, Lebanon, India, Russia, and China can produce the majority of the world’s production.

Why choose Motiza Rose oil:

The rose known as Gulkandi Gulab, which has its origins in Pakistan, is used to make Motiza Rose oil.

In the summer, roses are spread around and dried until all moisture is already removed. Rose oil is extracted and collected by applying steam distillation.

We make sure our rose flower is collected from Punjab side of Pakistan.

Long petals and a red or dark red colour are preferred; brownish red petals indicate that the flower has been over dried.

Hand-selected while machines prick the flowers, and before extraction, our staff makes sure they are completely dried.

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